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Dredge Training and Competence Management

Looking for the right type of training to improve operational efficiency or increase the safety of your operations? Are you interested in learning the ins- and outs of the dredging process, operations or specific dredging related topics? Are you in need of a reliable partner that can offer tailor made competence training for all levels of your organization, in line with your competence management policy?

The Training Institute for Dredging (TID) offers all of the above and more: We provide high quality and up-to-date training and courses all over the world, for dredging companies, port authorities, the mining and aggregates industry and other parties involved in dredging.  We offer a complete spectrum of training; from general dredging courses to highly specialised training tailored to meet your needs, such as equipment related training, on the job training and training on specific competences while using modern technologies like simulation technology and other IT-applications.  

Dredge training enables a more conscious and sustainable dredge operation through the whole organisation. Reports from the field show up to 70% improvement in production, not even mentioning the reduction of risk and downtime.

TID specialises in providing custom-made courses. However we do also offer a range of Open courses. Please check our Calendar for 2015!

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